Drupal Training

Who could possibly be better at providing Drupal training than the Drupal experts? Our team has taught classes, workshops, and one-on-ones on virtually every Drupal-related topic. We can get you up to speed for all your Drupal needs.

Drupal User / Administration Training

Every Drupal website project that we finish and launch comes with a basic administration and content update training program.  Every Drupal development project is unique and comes with custom workflows and content update procedures built to the standards and architecture of the project. We empower our clients to manage their website at the level of involvement that they desire.

Onsite Training

Looking to have a Drupal expert visit your web development team and ring the school bell? We are ready to take the show on the road, setup in your office, and conduct custom on-site Drupal training for your development staff.

Drupal Learning Curve

The Drupal development learning curve is infamous for its steepness and unforgiving abstractions that are lost on the basic website builder.

Drupal learning curve diagram

We understand this hurdle, but do not expect our clients to make the leap. We build administration interfaces that leverage the flexibility of Drupal to create easy to manage administration dashboards and content update workflows.

Michigan Drupal and DrupalCamp

Michigan Drupal Meetup and Drupal Camp Michigan

If you are interested in understanding the inner workings of Drupal content types, features, and taxonomies; then we are happy to teach! Our regular sponsorship of the Michigan Drupal Meetup and DrupalCamp Michigan is where our free and open source training options begin. The Open Source web development community is extremely gracious and ready to receive anyone who is willing to put in the time to learn.

OSTraining Drupal 8 Video Sponsorship

Drupal 8 upgrade training - free Drupal 8 training videos

We are proud sponsors of the forthcoming Drupal 8 upgrade training series from OSTraining. Our sponsorship of this series is a commitment to the Open Source ethos of offering high quality training materials to a world wide community of web developers and designers. Drupal 8 training videos from OSTraining have already launched with an additional 50 videos covering the process of upgrading Drupal 7 websites to Drupal 8. Stay tuned for this great free training resource.


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