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Team Symmetri and Commercial Progression

Are you passionate about open source technology, web development, and website design? Does Drupal have a special place in your heart? If so, you could make an excellent addition to our growing team.  We are always looking for the best talent and a good fit into our culture.  Read on to learn more about us and be sure to check out our (Symmetri Marketing Group's) current job openings on LinkedIn.

Our Culture

We don’t just believe in work-life balance, we are actively inventing it.  We are committed to building a work environment that is as enjoyable as it is challenging.  There are lots of large technology companies out there with all the policies written and an iron clad structure to enforce them, that’s not us. We are a growing company looking for inventors and collaborators that will help us build the opportunities that we all want. We get to decide how we work and what it looks like to build a company that inspires us to give our best each week.

Entrepreneurial roots
without the startup stress

Goldman sachs 10ksb graduation detroit

We have been doing open source web development for over 7 years.  We were there when it was taking off and have steadily grown with the industry into a sustainable business model. We are not chasing venture capital funding or worrying about the multinational company that only sees us as a line item on their balance sheet. We are quick to learn from those who have gone before us to build healthy and sustainable work environments around open source technology services. We choose our team members and clients with a holistic focus of doing our best work for projects and clients that we believe in.

We are Michigan and growing

We are a Michigan based company with strong roots in metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Grand Rapids.  We have a natural love for the local technology scene within the communities we call home. We are entrepreneurs, web designers, Drupal developers, and digital marketers who are excited about internet technology. You will find us at all of the local technology meetups, conferences, and breweries. Michigan is a great place to be, but our work extends around the world.  We have clients in every time zone in the nation and are looking forward to growing our presence around the world.

We are smart and always learning

Our team comes packed with degrees and deep knowledge in computer science, library science, engineering, project management, design, and business. We carry our education history lightly as we know we are in the business of always learning.  Nothing changes faster than internet technology and we are dedicated to keeping pace.  We contribute and give back to the open source community as we invent the future together.

We are curious and can’t help it

We are going to figure out the best way to do it, whatever it is. Web design and development is fun for us because it is the nexus of so many modern disciplines.  Our work in higher education lets us work with some of the oldest institutions in the nation.  We get to invent the best way forward for them online, how cool is that?  Our clientele gives us the opportunity to brush shoulders with some of the brightest business owners, educators, and marketers in the world. We love to understand their problems and work together to invent a new solution.

We are relaxed and ready

There is such a thing as good stress, and we believe it is marked by the tension of reaching just beyond what you think you are capable of. Every project presents this opportunity for us, and we accept it gladly.  But we also believe our best work is achieved when our minds are relaxed and free to find the best solution to each problem. We don’t believe that 80 hour work week marathons create a sustainable environment for us, or the best results for our clients. We work hard at working smart and are looking for team members that will help us exceed expectations on every project without burning out.

We believe in relationships

Nothing says I love you like a long range sniper rifle frag in your favorite first person shooter. We make time for building relationships over casual Counter Strike game nights, bike rides, tennis matches, and more than a few great meals. The health of our team and the strength of our client relationships is a high priority, fortunately this focus comes naturally for us.  Shared meals start with the impromptu Taco Bell run, then the typical after work drinks, and extend to our family style Crockpot Thursday lunches.  Hungry?

Hiring and Onboarding

Happy michigan drupal developers

Send a copy of your resume, a cover letter stating your salary requirements, and a link to your Drupal user profile (if you have one) to [email protected].


  • Competitive Base salary
  • Health stipend
  • 100% matching 401(k) and Profit Sharing Plan
  • Car mileage reimbursement program
  • Paid time off
  • Ability for upward mobility
  • Fun and challenging work environment
  • Fun, dynamic, growing team
  • Office socials, events, and lunches (ask us about Crockpot Thursdays!)
  • Fast growing technology company
  • Casual office setting
  • Direct access to leaders and decision makers
  • Travel opportunities (client engagements, DrupalCamps, DrupalCons, etc.)


Work-life Amenities

Michigan Drupal Developer and Web Designer chillaxing

Northville Office

Join the Commercial Progression team and work in beautiful downtown Northville Michigan.  Northville is home to some of the best restaurants, coffee, and deli shops around.  The walkable downtown is immediately available from our Center St. office.  You will enjoy the weekly challenge of deciding where to go out for lunch.  Surrounded by convenient parks, shops, and amenities; you will soon want to live where you work.  

If you would rather not venture out to explore, no worries… the snack room is stocked really well! (insert picture of Slim Jims)

Just a few miles from the major freeways (I-275 and I-96 / M14), work commutes to Northville are pretty manageable from Detroit to Ann Arbor and everywhere in-between.

Commercial Progression is a respected member of the local community and chamber organizations. If you are a biking fanatic, you will love our annual Tour de Ville biking event.

Grand Rapids Office

With the launch of our Grand Rapids office, you now have a second great destination to choose from when teaming up with Commercial Progression.

Chicago Office

Our merger in 2016 with Symmetri Marketing Group in Chicago Illinois, brought us into a whole new market. Our Chicago office is always hiring, if you love marketing and technology and live in the Windy City... you should look us up.

So What do you Say?

Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or put a dent in the universe!?

Oh wait, someone else already used that line… and some sugar water actually sounds pretty great right about now, as long as it comes fortified with high fructose corn syrup.

Boiler Plate and Disclaimers

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