"Our automated life story writing website needed a significant number of adjustments, enhancements, and tweaks to operate at the expected level of performance.

All of those requested adjustments were understood, and put into effect by your team. Our website is now operating where it should be, thanks to the efforts of the Commercial Progression team. Sales have risen accordingly. Thank you very much for your support."

~Marc DeVincent, Partner
The Life Writer


Capturing someone's life story is no small task. The mission of The Life Writer is to make the life writing process easy, affordable, and available to everyone.

The Life Writer had built this new web service on Drupal, but they needed expert support to maintain their application and business.


The Life Writer is still in the initial stages of funding and launching their novel idea onto the internet.

As socially conscious entrepreneurs, the partners of The Life Writer need to be careful to focus their resources on the most important problems for the growth of their project right now, but still leave the development path open to the future possibilities of the enterprise.


Since Drupal is open source, there are no expensive license fees attached to the base use of the software.These cost savings can be directed towards key improvements for the launch of a new website or improving an older one.

Commercial Progression is still in touch with our own entrepreneurial roots and we know how to get the most bang for the buck out of a Drupal website. The continuous development approach to web development allows our developers to work efficiently and in focused sprints designed to tackle key problems. 


The Life Writer benefited from the expert Drupal consulting services of Commercial Progression to build a development plan that maximized impact. Standard Drupal update and maintenance issues were taken care of during the sprints.

  • Continuous Development Sprints
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Increased Sales

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