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The higher education space needs to organize and present tremendous amounts of information online, all the while keeping pace with recruitment goals. Department heads and marketing managers are faced with multiple internal and external audiences. The resources of internal IT staff are often heavily taxed, and the prospect of squeezing another website project into the pipeline can be daunting.

More and more, leaders at colleges and universities are turning to Drupal to handle their complex, open source CMS needs.

Drupal used by 71 of the top 100 universities

Currently 71 of the top 100 universities worldwide employ Drupal in some capacity to power their online web presence. Symmetri Technology is proud of our work in this space with high-profile institutions. Our work powers multiple sites within the University of Michigan, including the School of KinesiologySchool of Nursing, the MCubed funding portal, and several other microsites.

Drupal powers some of the largest names in education: Oxford, MIT, Harvard Libraries, and the University of Michigan. Whether you are launching a single departmental micro-site, or launching an entire university multi-site platform, Drupal has a solid path for your project.

We understand that the next recruitment and enrollment deadlines are always fast approaching.  A university website must be capable of handling the demands of modern marketing and keep pace with digital publishing.  From the first email campaign to the final application submission, Drupal keeps pace with your needs.

U-M Strategic Supplier

Symmetri Technology is proud to be one of the official Strategic Suppliers for web design and development services to the University of Michigan. Symmetri Technology has worked directly with Michigan Creative, the internal marketing and advertising agency for the University of Michigan. Symmetri Technology has designed, developed, hosted, and supported over 12 university websites with over 2000 hours of work.

One Website can Reach Many Audiences

Higher education websites are tasked with handling online communications for many audiences. Prospective students benefit from a guided process and a showcase of an institution's differentiating features. Current students have distinct information needs across campus and the web. Alumni seek updates, contribution opportunities, and validation of status. A site, and the platform on which it is built, must be able to cater to these audiences in a nimble fashion.

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University IT staff come to love Drupal for its ease of deployment on linux infrastructure, whether in-house or in the cloud. Marketing and recruitment activities can be integrated directly into third-party systems, like Ellucian, Hobsons, Sakai, Blackboard, PeopleSoft, and Salesforce for streamlined applicant data processing.

Drupal makes an excellent portal for donor management systems (like Blackbaud):
  • Faculty and staff benefit from streamlined approval workflows
  • Less friction for academic groups
  • Less time required to publish
  • Better visibility for the vital work of each department
  • Fundraising campaigns stay on track and look beautiful

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