The Ypsilanti District Library has been faithfully serving the needs of the community since 1898. The library has sustained continued growth into 3 locations and 1 mobile bookmobile. YDL chooses Drupal to manage their online web presence.

Commercial Progression has a strong affinity for libraries with a genuine library scientist on staff. We love the management of information and it is our honor to support the Ypsilanti District Library's extended mission online.

Drupal Advantage

Drupal has been a go to solution for libraries and other local government sponsored nonprofits. With Drupal's rich taxonomy structure it is the ideal candidate to bring the organization of a physical library online for browsing by the public. Additionally, a website needs to support the communication and coordination of events, activities, and community news. Drupal is the ideal solution for growing with the needs of a regional library system.

Rich Integration

Part of the Drupal 6 support project included rich integration with Ypsilanti's SirsiDynix ILS. Allowing library staff and patrons to benefit from the efficiencies of this integration was a key factor in the success of the project.

Drupal 8 Upgrade

Commercial Progression supports the Drupal website of the Ypsilanti District Library with regular updates, design improvements, and strategic guidance on the best practices for Drupal. The next phase of this strategic guidance promises to upgrade the library website to Drupal 8, the latest version of Drupal, with even better support for data integration and a much improved user experience.

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