"The whole Symmetri team is responsive, collaborative, and knowledgeable, and we enjoy working with them very much. I wholeheartedly recommend Symmetri for all your website needs!"

~Emily Mathews, Director of Marketing and Communications
U-M School of Kinesiology


The University of Michigan's School of Kinesiology is the 4th largest undergraduate school within the university.  Managing the recruitment efforts and publishing responsibilities for the 4 undergraduate and 3 graduate Kinesiology programs required a robust content management system.

Drupal delivers with customized administrative workflows for handling thousands of content items across multiple audiences.

Recruitment and publishing are in motion with the Drupal platform for the School of Kinesiology.


The School of Kinesiology houses education and research programs within one of the fastest-growing areas of study within the country, 50% increase in the past decade.  With all of this attention and research activity, there is a lot of content generated for the study of Kinesiology each year.  Administrators, students, faculty, and research lab staff needed a central portal to publish all of their work and activities online.  All of these efforts needed to keep pace with and assist the goals of the higher education recruitment calendar.

Research conferences hosted by the School of Kinesiology offer a prime opportunity to publish content and meet prospective students.  The website needed to facilitate these special events alongside traditional recruitment open houses.

The work of the School of Kinesiology is also embedded within the larger university in the form of the U-Move fitness program.  Over 100 group exercises and wellness programs needed to be coordinated and organized for the benefit of the entire University of Michigan community.

The existing Drupal 6 website contained much of the content destined for the redesigned site.  Migrating this valuable content to the new website and administrative workflows needed to be coordinated smoothly with the overall redesign project.


With the School of Kinesiology already being familiar with the Drupal 6 platform, we were able to keep the existing workflows and migrate usable content quickly. The content administration side of the site was customized to allow for reusable content blocks, greatly reducing the amount of redundant data entry for site admins and contributors.

A mobile-friendly responsive design was employed to ensure that every page rendered correctly on desktop browsers, smartphones, and tablets.

Working directly from Michigan Creative’s design for the new Kinesiology website, Symmetri Technology developed and deployed a custom Drupal theme.


The finished project launched on time and under budget for the start of the 2015 fall recruitment intake.

The new Drupal powered Kinesiology website features captivating in context video players to attract prospective students, a deep archive of research data to support the graduate programs, and useful daily tools to encourage the campus wide U-Move fitness program.

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Symmetri Technology has provided support to our organization for more than two years. They now host our website (much to our relief - no site hacks since Symmetri has taken it over), and  they've just rebuilt our website (which has gotten rave reviews from users).

~Emily Mathews, Director of Marketing and Communications
U-M School of Kinesiology

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