Professionalism and tireless effort, seem to come natural for the team at Commercial Progression. Our site launched on time and under budget due to their efforts! Their creativity and enthusiasm made this project a pleasure to work on.

Adam Bowden,
Director of Business Development


P&G Fluid Power supplies all industries with turn-key automated lubrication systems.  They needed a manufacturing website that could help their customers find the right product quickly and then locate the appropriate distributor for purchase.  A responsively designed Drupal website accomplished all of this and much more.


Like many suppliers to the manufacturing industry, fluid power systems offer a variety of solutions to meet specific needs.  Finding the right part can be a mission critical search process for the customers of P&G.  Matching the appropriate spec sheet to each product can also be a challenge.  Keeping this information up to date in multiple formats was an important maintenance feature of the web project.

When the right part is found, potential customers then need assistance in finding a distributor. The website needed to display accurate information and then connect potential customers to the right distributor for each part.


Having one destination for all of the catalog and associated spec sheet information was the ideal solution.  With a custom PDF print feature in place, there was no need to update the catalog information for the web and then link a separate PDF document for details.  All of the information for each product was associated in the catalog database.  Downloading a spec sheet initiates the generation of a new PDF with up to date information in place.  This is an ideal solution for SEO and site search.

The new site also features a responsive design, making the site into a user friendly catalog resource when out in the field with a smartphone, ipad, or tablet.  The design of the new site allows for intelligent grouping of parts based on search criteria.  This encourages the exploration of related parts and information with a persistent call to action for initiating a demo or finding a distributor.


  • Mobile-friendly responsive design

  • Product spec sheet PDF creator

  • 90% increase in pageviews

  • 40% increase in new user sessions

Since the launch of the new site, P&G Fluid Power has almost doubled their monthly pageviews.  New site visitors are finding an easy to navigate website that encourages exploration of the catalog, a key goal of the project.

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