“We were beyond happy with the redesign and increase in user engagement. A user shift of 70% was remarkable, leading to more sales for National Geographic.”

~ Nat Geo Ad Sales Team


National Geographic is one of the best-recognized brands in the modern media landscape. With compelling new content, like the Cosmos series with Neil Degrasse Tyson, The Nat Geo Channel had a prime opportunity to connect potential advertisers with its media offerings.


In 2013, Nat Geo Wild had a separate advertiser site from the main Nat Geo portal. This situation caused a lot of confusion for potential advertisers, and missed cross-sales opportunities for the National Geographic sales team. On top of that, both sites were outdated and difficult to use. All the issues combined resulted in fewer visits, lower conversion rates, and reduced global ad sales.


Symmetri Technology worked with the Nat Geo Advertising sales team to develop a strategic plan focused on consolidating the existing sales portals into a unified Drupal CMS solution. The Compro crew bolstered the Drupal CMS build with a new custom theme design, focused squarely on improving the user experience. The new, unified sales portal provided an ideal environment for cross-sell opportunities and user interface refinements to meet sales goals. We worked to identify Nat Geo's Key Performance Indicators, and built gamification workflows in to encourage repeat advertiser visits and special offer familiarity. Symmetri Technology delivered the gamified, UX-focused platform on scalable cloud-based architecture to ensure the site doesn't go down when campaigns converted to hits.


  • Increased traffic

  • Improved engagement

  • Increased sales

  • User shift of 70%

  • Participation increase of 30%

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