MCubed stimulates innovative research and scholarship by distributing real-time seed funding to multi-unit, faculty-led teams.  Through this first-of-its-kind research funding program, faculty from at least two different campus units can form a collaborative trio, or “cube,” and request funding.  Commercial Progression developed a full featured community fund management portal for the MCubed program with Drupal.  A new responsive web application serves marketing audiences as well as the heavy lifting of managing the MCubed research funding system.


The best ideas for innovation are the ones that are executed and come to life.  The University of Michigan has no shortage of great ideas, but they needed a better way to fast track funding for key opportunities. This high profile project was established by U-M’s president and provost as a key component of the Third Century Initiative.

The accompanying website had to perform beyond a marketing platform for news and information around the MCubed initiative.  The MCubed web portal must serve as the central marketplace web application for collaborators to discover, track, and initiate funding of projects.

MCubed 2.0 is the latest incarnation of a program that started in 2012.  It has already grown through several revisions and is expected to continue its evolution. Tracking thousands of collaborators and hundreds of projects at launch required a robust platform with room to grow.  Integration with U-M’s single sign-on login services was a must to securely validate participants.


The Drupal web development platform provided the ideal environment to handle the current needs of MCubed and grow with its potential.  Drupal is already a go to solution for higher education, U-M is an eager adopter.  With proven Drupal user login integrations, the new Mcubed website seamlessly integrates login credentials with the greater U-M authentication network.

With this account framework setup, the new MCubed web application could be built securely on Drupal. Advanced workflows and custom modules were developed to replicate the MCubed funding policies into software logic.  Content, projects, and user data was migrated into the new systems and thoroughly tested for usability on all devices.

U-M faculty can now collaborate online, research project briefs, review their funding status, and activate “Cubed” projects for funding.


Drupal delivers an all-in-one solution for the managers of the MCubed program to present marketing content and manage the actual MCubed funding mechanisms.

The University of Michigan’s Office of Research is now the proud owner of one of the most advanced Drupal websites serving the needs of higher education.

MCubed makes great ideas go!
Drupal powers them!

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