The Coffee Keeper is an easy to install pull down kitchen rack for the popular K-cup® single serving coffee brewing systems.  We brought their product marketing online with an interactive demonstration website.


With an established presence in the Amazon store, Coffee Keepers needed an interactive web presence to fully explain the unique value and simple use of their product.


Commercial Progression designed an interactive page scrolling website that intuitively demonstrated the physical action of this novel product.

Website visitors are treated to a fun reveal as they scroll down the page and learn more about the Coffee Keepers line of products.

All of this interactivity fits within a responsive design that performs predictably on all devices and formats; mobile phone, tablet, and traditional desktop.

Building a design approach like this requires intimate involvement in every detail of the production, including the photography shoot.

"We wanted a clean & simple design that showed how the product worked without using videos.  We also wanted the site to load quickly both on desktop and mobile devices.  Commercial Progression made it happen.  They handled everything from creative design, asset creation & programming.  We are thrilled with the end result."

~Steve Spurr, Founder
 Coffee Keepers


An inviting story telling scroll design built on Drupal delivers sales for this growing product company.

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