Commercial Progression handles updates, our 200+ webforms, and making sure our website works. This insures that we don’t miss an opportunity with a lost web lead and allows us to spend our time assisting our franchisees to maximize their business.

~Michelle Flinn
Marketing Coordinator, The Decor Group


Christmas Decor is a network of holiday lighting franchises that service homeowners and businesses during the holiday season. Headquartered in Lubbock Texas, The Decor Group owns and operates several businesses: Christmas Decor, Nite Time Decor, and Barcana. The success of each of these companies depends on Drupal powered public websites and a corporate Drupal intranet to coordinate the growing business enterprise.


Building and running a successful service industry business is hard enough without having to deal with website support issues. Drupal had proven to be a capable platform for The Decor Group to build their public web presence and internal intranet applications. However; regular website updates, maintenance, and security issues were becoming a distraction from the core business. Managing just one site can be challenging enough, but The Decor Group had a growing enterprise of Drupal websites and applications to keep up with.


Commercial Progression took over the concerns of website security and updates with a custom DrupalCare support package. With Drupal support and maintenance issues taken care of, The Decor Group could continue to focus on the next high traffic holiday season of business and customer growth.

With a custom DrupalCare Drupal Support plan, The Decor Group was able to handover all of their Drupal support needs to Commercial Progression. This put The Decor Group in a good position to continue focusing on building their franchise network while their Drupal websites were proactively maintained and supported.


  • Managed Drupal Hosting

  • Pro-Active Drupal Support

  • Inranet Drupal Support

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All of The Decor Group websites are protected by DrupalCare Pro-Active Support.

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