The Canton Public Library is respected as one of the busiest single-branch libraries in Michigan. CPL serves more than 90,000 residents of Canton Township in western Wayne County, Michigan. With a circulation of over 300,000 items checked out over 1.7 million times a year, it's a struggle to hold the silence in this bustling library. These stats enforce the CPL website as a heavily trafficked resource serving a high demand audience.

Drupal has been selected by governments and public non-profits as the ideal CMS for efficiently managing a website presence. Although easy to self manage, Drupal still requires expert support to ensure security and program custom features.


Canton Public Library had a leftover list of Drupal 6 features that needed to be migrated to their new Drupal 7 website. Calendar features were not behaving correctly and the website was experiencing mobile UX design issues when viewed on phones and tablets.


When properly maintained, Drupal websites meet audience expectations for a clean and intuitive user experience. Commercial Progression took on the laundry list of CPL Drupal support issues and worked with the library staff to prioritize and implement the needed updates.

New features were migrated to the Drupal 7 website, responsive theme updates made the website mobile-friendly, and the website was configured to promote seasonal marketing initiatives.


Canton Public Library is now up to date and ready for incremental improvements. Additionally, CPL benefits from having the guidance of a librarian turned Drupal developer on staff at Commercial Progression. Brad Czerniak (Drupal developer) meets the needs of the modern library with deep insights as to the best application of Drupal techniques. CPL is in good hands with Drupal and Commercial Progression.

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