Should You 'Feng Shui' Your Michigan Website Design?

Posted By Shane Sevo on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 - 14:13

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of design, most likely originating from the Yangshao and Hongshan cultures, dating back to 4000 B.C. It is most commonly used in architectural design, but the principles can be applied to any design practice, from laying out a cityscape to decorating a single room. Interestingly, the concepts of Feng Shui align brilliantly with that of website design, and can easily be incorporated into your Michigan website design! After all, the great lakes exude a natural harmony and balance, so should your website.

The emphasis of Feng Shui is on harmony. It translates from the original Chinese dialect into English literally as "wind-water." Deeply rooted in the concept of harmonizing the environment people live in with the people who inhabit it, it derives from the concept of Qi, or the energy of life, which rides on the wind and is scattered, but is collected again when it comes into contact with water. Every Michigander knows what it means to be bounded by the contact of water, feels right doesn't it? We have been bringing the harmony of balanced web design to Michigan based universities and manufacturing companies for years. Here is how you can apply the ancient art of Feng Shui to your website design.

Feng Shui for Balance in Your Michigan Website Design

Michigan website design obeys the principles of Feng Shui
Feng Shui is about balance, but balance doesn't just mean symmetry. See how this picture is asymmetrical based on color and texture and shape, but is balanced to be pleasing to the eye?

In order for things in the universe to be in harmony, they must first be in balance. Balance is the concept of weight distribution, but it does not necessarily mean it's equally weighted. Some designs are symmetrical, others are asymmetrical, but to the eye, there is a harmonious balance. For instance, many artists and web designers achieve an interesting and pleasing balance with heavy coloring weighting one side and contrasting white space on the other side.

Contrast is often achieved using only color, but don't overlook the contrast you can get by using shapes (lines and angular shapes contrasted with curvy, round, or organic shapes) and through texture (fur contrasted with hard steel, for instance, or soft fabric against glass). Creating such contrast using texture requires high-quality images. Work with your Drupal website designer to make sure that images are both high-quality and fast-loading. A slow-loading website is an SEO and traffic killer; quite the opposite of what Feng Shui is supposed to bring to your website design.

Feng Shui for Rhythm in Your Drupal Website Design

Website design obeys the natural laws of harmony
The inevitable goal of Feng Shui is unity. In website design, that means that the eye follows a natural pattern around the elements on the page, and then comes to rest at a preconceived focal point. What seems accidental is very purposeful in the world of website design.

Rhythm is the repetition of visual "movement" within the design. Glance through a glossy magazine and you'll quickly notice how each page designer laid out the page to draw your eye around the pages, and within the respective images. This is what you're trying to achieve in your website design. Use patterns to create a natural pathway to draw the eyes across the pages. This is achieved by utilizing the basic elements of design: shapes, textures, colors, and space. Never underestimate the power and potential of whitespace in your designs.

The hallmark of an amateur website design is an overly-cluttered, busy design that tries to cram way too much information into the space. Thoughtful design organizes the content into natural groups, delivering only what the eye can take in. Additional information is delivered via links to additional pages. This keeps you from trying to cram everything into a homepage that is almost painful to look at. Simplicity is the secret ingredient to Feng Shui, and all good design techniques.

Feng Shui for Website Design Emphasis

Emphasis is what the eye finds to focus on. As you flip through your magazine, notice how, after performing the rhythmic dance around a page, your eye naturally comes to rest on a single spot. That's the focal point. It's created by using the design elements to create a place for the eye to rest. When all of the elements of your website design are in agreement, creating a natural rhythmic for the eye to follow and a focal point where the eye can rest, you've achieved unity -- which is the end goal of all good website design.

Website design isn't just all about looks, though that's critically important! It's also about building a site that's smart in terms of marketing and SEO value. Our recent merger with Symmetri Marketing Group brings a host of digital marketing services into our portfolio and they are ready to go to work on your project. Contact us to learn more about Drupal website design and our new digital marketing services.

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