Hire a Drupal Developer Who Can Attract Investors and Customers to Your Chicago Website

Posted By Shane Sevo on Tuesday, July 5, 2016 - 12:16

Your website is a virtual showcase of your business. For startups, that means it not only serves as a customer portal to your business, it also means it's your best-foot-forward for any potential investors. You may not be actively pursuing investors right now, but if it looks like a possibility down the road, it pays to line your ducks up to begin with. When you hire a Drupal developer, you need to partner with one that can help you build a site that's attractive to investors as well as customers. Here's how.

Showcase Your Successes

Hire Drupal developer to build website success
Show 'em what you've done right. Make it a prominent part of your home page, about page, and other relevant website content.

What you've done right so far is equally important to customers and investors. Everyone wants to sign up to be a part of a winning team. Prominently display any of your patents, awards, media mentions, and any newsworthy event that shows your business is a rising star.

Tout Your Future Plans

Investors are "What have you done for me lately" types. They are never content to rest on their laurels -- they want to partner with startups that have a firm grasp on the now and their eyes focused on the future. Use your Drupal website design to brag about what excellent products and services you have in the works and how you plan to stay ahead of industry trends and changes in the marketplace.

Build a Social Following

Social media audience build
While social likes and shares don't pay the bills, they sure can get the attention of the folks who can -- both investors and customers.

Likes and shares don't equal a healthy bottom line, but investors sure do like to see startups that can garner a healthy following. That includes social media. Put share buttons on all your pages, especially announcement pages, thought leadership pieces, your exciting blog posts (your posts are exciting, right?), and other important pages. Work it. Get active on social media and get as many followers on board as possible. This is attractive to investors, and will also help your overall marketing efforts, particularly when rolling out a new product.

Stand Out from Competitors

Investors look for a balance of innovation and proven track record. That means that, to attract investors, you must be able to stand out from the gazillion other businesses that do the same thing you do, or something similar. They want to find the next phenomenal success. Those are the ones who do things differently enough that it's notable but not so differently that no one knows if it will succeed or fail. In your Chicago digital marketing campaigns, you need to make your differences stand out. But you also need to display that you have a solid business model that's proven to work.

In Addition to Good Drupal Website Development

Of course, your website won't be the only thing investors will investigate, so you need to have a few more puzzle pieces in place to be a lucrative catch. Here are a few tips for the startup, aside from having a brilliant Drupal web developer.

  • Watch your lines of credit and how much debt you accumulate.

  • business model.

  • Stay ahead of industry trends.

  • Evaluate investors before agreeing to anything. (Just because they're waving money in your face doesn't make them a good partner for the long haul.)

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