Drupal Hosting Designed From Community Standards

Posted By Alex Fisher on Wednesday, July 21, 2010 - 09:17

I've recently launched a new website, DrupalOptimized.com, that focuses solely on providing Commercial Progression's web hosting and an explanation of how things have been setup to work well at being the best Drupal hosting.

Some of these features are as simple as just ensuring subscribers have access to the right tools: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Others include tweaking default PHP values to allow for more memory usage-- this lets subscribers handle more modules running at the same time, offer bigger files to be uploaded to their site, etc.

Another important factor in the Drupal hosting setup was to keep things fast. A lot of larger web hosts crowd a lot of users with "unlimited bandwidth and storage" onto a single server. By focusing on the Drupal community and providing a quality of service that works well for Drupal I've forgone trying to get every user under the sun to sign-up with unrealistic promises and instead am offering a great service for a niche market.

Check-out DrupalOptimized.com if you need fast, reliable Drupal webhosting.