Awesome B2B Drupal Website Design for Your Manufacturing Business

Posted By Shane Sevo on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 - 13:47

When it comes to your website, you're not just a manufacturer, you are also a marketer. Your Drupal website design has to be a marketing tool, not simply a portal to your manufacturing business. That means you need to apply all of the B2B marketing techniques possible to your manufacturing website. Here are the best design tips and techniques to assure your Drupal website brings in lots of highly qualified leads and converts those promising leads into lucrative customers.

Give 'em Info on Exactly What It is You Do (and What Sets You Apart)

Manufacturing Drupal website design is important to keep the machine moving
Providing website visitors with specific information about your equipment, processes, and materials will tell them what your specialties are and what sets you apart from the competition.

Don't be afraid to get a little technical and very specific about what it is you do and what sets you apart from the rest of your competitors. Be as specific as possible about your raw materials, processes, and techniques. Put a special focus on any of your processes or materials that set you apart -- such as hard-to-find methods or uncommonly high-quality raw materials you use.

Be Specific About the Equipment & Machines You Use

Along this line of thought, get specific about the machines and equipment you have. This will tell your visitors a lot about your specializations and qualifications. For example, if you mention that you have a Bridgeport lathe, all that really says about your business is that you can do some turning. However, if you drop the fact that you have a multi-axis Haas CNC machine, this makes visitors aware that you are capable of handling very complex geometry and highly specialized components.

Don't Just Tell, Show: Include a Video

A high-quality video on your website can be as effective as an onsite demonstration of your manufacturing processes, equipment, and quality. Feature a video prominently on the home page of your Drupal website design, and make sure it utilizes high-quality video and audio. Make it as good as a slick advertisement (in fact, you can use your slick advertisements, right on your website).

Include Info on Other Projects You've Done

Hosco manufacturing floor connected to website parts brochure
Showcase your most impressive projects and, when possible, do some bragging about your other well-known and well-respected customers. Check out our manufacturing portfolio to see how others have done it.

If you can, do some name dropping. Prospective customers want to know that you did work for some impressive businesses, even if those other customers are their competitors. Sometimes, your most eyebrow-raising clientele won't want you to mention them, though. That's okay. Just be as specific as possible about other successful projects you've completed. A great way to do this is to link the home page to a list of case studies. Then you can achieve a one-two punch of getting them to fill out a form to receive the case studies (marketing fodder), plus the ability to tout your superior work.

Use the Most Up-to-Date SEO Practices for Your Website Design

Finally, don't try to recycle old website copy to your new Drupal website design. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has changed radically, just in the past couple of years. Drop any old, redundant, poorly-written, or keyword-stuffed copy and populate your new website with fresh, unique, well-written copy that is written to the standards of today's search algorithms, used by Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all of the other major search engines.

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