5 Features Successful Websites Include That You Should Too

Posted By Shane Sevo on Thursday, September 15, 2016 - 16:16

Are you beginning to wonder what all the hoopla about having a website is? Customers line up at your competitors' sites, but yours sits sadly empty and largely ignored. What gives? When it comes to Michigan website design, there are some definite "do's" that don't necessarily come with instructions. Here's what your competitors are doing with their website design that you should be, too.

1. Include Your Location Information

successful websites display contact and location information
Your physical address instills confidence in your site visitors. It lets them know you aren't hiding who you are, where you are, and what you're up to.

The World Wide Web is a big place. When people visit your site, they aren't sure if you guys are located in Kalamazoo, Kansas City, or Kanpur. Make it easier for them to trust you. Put your physical address prominently on the website, so that they know they're doing business with folks right down the road, not some iffy characters in China or Pakistan.

2. Offer a Way for Customers to Cancel or Opt Out

Believe it or not, Netflix had this problem, too. Lots of customers were reluctant to opt in without knowing whether they could opt back out again or, if so, how. Solve the problem like Netflix did. Make it obvious how customers can unsubscribe, return products, or opt out of your offerings. Put this information or option right next to the Buy Now button, so that they feel confident that they can get out of whatever they're getting themselves into. This does the opposite of drive customers away -- it instills trust and confidence in your company and products.

3. Present a Clear Path for Navigating the Site

What are people looking for when they visit your website? Sometimes Drupal web design gets so artsy that it ceases to be prudent and helpful. Whether your site visitors are looking for more information on whitewater rafting, the best online games, or knockout deals on shoe laces, make your design path clear and simple for them to find the information they need and access it quickly and easily.

4. Include Social Sharing Buttons

Adding social share buttons empowers your customers to become your brand ambassadors. They can reach audiences your advertising and messages might never get to otherwise.

You should be sharing all of your new content, blog posts, etc. via your social media channels, but you also want your customers to share the content on their pages, as well. Empower social sharing by providing widgets on each of your pages. This feature should be built into your website design, and you can seriously improve your social standing by doing so. This also endows your website with valuable external links, which help to improve your ranking on Google and other search engines. Part of Google's algorithm is to assign authority to pages with lots of external links (other websites linking back to your content).

5. Give Mobile Users an Awesome Experience

mobile website design solved with responsive design
In April of 2015, Google rolled out a new algorithm. The update was given the ominous name Mobilegeddon by the web design community, but it was truly designed to help mobile users find websites that offer them the best user experience on a mobile device. Since then, websites that aren't optimized for mobile devices rank lower in search results, particularly searches conducted via mobile. As mobile users make up increasingly more of overall searches, a Drupal web design that is optimized for mobile is essential for capitalizing on those potential customers.

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