4 Web Design & Development Trends Your Website Redesign Should Consider

Posted By Shane Sevo on Wednesday, August 3, 2016 - 11:36

Thinking about redesigning your website? Check out what's in and what's out for website design and development. Retro fonts are huge, as is responsive web design. Search engines rank pages based on how well they are optimized for mobile devices, so be sure to test yours on all sizes of smartphones and tablets, as well as desktop PCs. Hipster aesthetics are a strong driving force in today's trends, as is the sleek, sophisticated Metro look, and bold, daring graphics. For 2016, there are some strong trends to keep in mind, so that your website redesign generates a buzz for all the right reasons.

1. Consider Auto-Play Audio (But Use It Wisely & Sparingly)

website redesign projects could include audio playback
When used properly, automatically playing the audio upon entry to the site can be inviting, or even thrilling. Done obtrusively, it sends them right back out the door. Know your audience. For example, this product display website for the Beoplay speaker system is subtle, appropriate, and stunning.

Once upon a time, when bandwidth was scarce and hard to come by (and expensive when you could get it), auto-play audio was a gigantic no-no. Today, bandwidth is cheap and easy to obtain. Many website designs are capitalizing on its potential. Audio can set the tone for your visitors, establish ambiance, generate excitement, and evoke emotion. It can also cause them to jump three feet out of their seat, back out of your website, and never come back again. Use auto-play audio wisely, judiciously, and sparingly. That means that, unless you're targeting the fans of Cannibal Corpse and Arch Enemy, don't blast your visitors with Death Metal the moment they enter the site.

2. Mix It Up With Illustrated Photographs

website redesigns could use illustrated photography

Traditionally, web design has incorporated either illustrations or photographs. Today, the differences between the two are gradually disappearing. It's quite common (trendy, in fact) to illustrate photographs to create the exact look you like. You'll probably want a graphic artist to handle photo illustrations for you, but done correctly, it can add a whole new dimension to your site. That's especially true if you have a very particular scene you want to set for your visitors.

3. Master the Art of the Hero Image

website hero image

The hero image graphic design term refers to a large banner-style image (either photograph, illustration, or a combination as described above) placed prominently on the home page of a website. Generally, the image is featured front and center on a website design, and is the most striking thing visitors notice when they enter the page. The hero image sets the tone and topics of the website. Are you about leisure? Luxury? Quality? Hard work? The arts? This should be readily apparent in your hero image.

4. Drop the Ax on Flash

Adobe flash plugin security vulnerabilities

In a flash, Flash was gone, because it flaunted its flashy disregard for security. There is no good reason to consider Adobe Flash as an element in your website redesign.

For a number of years, Adobe Flash had been the go-to platform for delivering rich website content. It was used to create designs, animations, and user interfaces within browsers. Flash has been going out of style for years, and recently, Flash has fallen under criticism for some significant security flaws. Thankfully, HTML5 and CSS3 has come a long way in recent years and is now the preferred replacement for Flash interactive web design elements. It's best to leave good old Flash out of the equation for your website redesign project. This absence of Flash will instill confidence and peace of mind in your site visitors.

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