3 Actionable Ways to Establish Your Website as an 'Authority'

Posted By Shane Sevo on Friday, August 26, 2016 - 11:17

An authority site is one that is trusted for its high-quality content. Not only does it rank exceptionally well with search engines, but it is trusted by users and other websites. For example, if you establish your website as an 'Authority', you will begin getting links to your site from other content -- highly popular industry blogs and other reputable, highly-visible websites. Naturally, this means more traffic and, by extension, more customers. Establishing your website as Authority isn't rocket science, but it does take work to nail it with the right elements of website design and development. Here's how to do it right.

1. Authority Sites Start With Authority Content

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Building an authority website begins with excellent content and extends to link building outside your site through social media, guest blogging, and other opportunities.

Google algorithms of old (ten years ago) ranked websites based on little more than keyword relevancy. That led to lots of keyword-stuffed articles with little practical usefulness to users. The writing was deplorable, and rarely was the content relevant to the user. Search algorithms have come a long way.

Today's algorithms are capable of ranking your website content based on its originality, its relevance to the search terms, the quality of writing (spelling, grammar, punctuation), and even the depth of information on the page. Keywords are still important, but they have to be well-balanced (not over-stuffed) and be delivered via content that is lengthy, meaty, and worth reading. As a rule of thumb, write great content for your human readers, make sure there's a few relevant keywords sprinkled in, and it will rank well organically on its own.

2. Beef Up Content With Authority Video

Not only does video rank well in searches, it also captures more attention from users in search engine results, on social networks, and within the content of your own website.

Content in your website design shouldn't be limited to articles, though long and valuable articles help. Supplement it with great images and video. Infographics are good, but what's even better is video. Video lengthens the time visitors spend on your site, attracts good links from other sites, and adds to the variety of content you offer within your website design. All of these things contribute to building the authority of your site. A good video must:

  • Feature expert-level content
  • Be thoroughly researched
  • Be well-tested for quality
  • Be-optimized for the keywords you're targeting
  • Be shared liberally on social media

3. Build Website Authority With Social Authority

Michigan websites need social media promotion
Everybody thinks they do social right. Few people do. To master social, you have to stay on the cutting edge. Mastering social helps build followers, which in turn boosts traffic, thereby improving your authority.

Speaking of social, social media authority plays an increasingly important role in establishing the authority of a website. Social authority doesn't mean you have to be active on every social platform. Pick a few that are most relevant to your target audience, then work those diligently and thoughtfully. Use strong, compelling images to increase clicks, likes, and shares. Develop hashtag campaigns to get users talking about your website and your brand. Share your blog posts, press releases, news and announcements, and new pages as they are added to your Drupal website design.

You should begin seeing results quickly, as soon as the first Google crawl of your site after making the improvements. Keep it up! It takes time to generate the attention necessary to be considered an Authority site, but there will be lots of progress and important milestones along the way. Enjoy each and every step of your growth. Learn even more about proper SEO techniques and building a website with authority when you download our 10 Step SEO & Digital Marketing Guide.

10 Step SEO and Digital Marketing Guide