Nonprofit / Government

Managing the web presence for a nonprofit or government agency requires a deep understanding of your constituency.  Donors, volunteers, staff, students, and participants in your organization need to be able to engage with your initiatives online.  Taking all of your effort online can feel like a cumbersome disconnect from the goals of the original project.  Working with a trusted consultant for building your web presence can ensure that nothing is lost in translation for your audiences.


national council of nonprofits chooses commercial progression and drupalAs the preferred web development and support vendor for the National Council of Nonprofits, we understand the unique technology needs of large nonprofits with an established national and international userbase.


The Center for Educational Networking assists the Michigan Department of Education as they build an educational support network for students with disabilities. Each of these initiatives represents unique communities with distinct communication challenges. Deploying the robust toolset of the Drupal CMS allowed each CEN project to be customized to the unique needs of each audience.

The Michigan Integrated Mathematics Initiative (MI2) supports collaboration and professional development within the mathematics community.  This growing portal of information provides a central destination for facilitators to find resources and support within a statewide professional network. In a similar fashion, the Michigan Special Education Mediation Program (MSEMP) required a web portal to connect and inform parents, educators, and service providers online.

Usability Standards

When we entered into our work with Camp Tuhsmeheta, we knew their audience was composed of students with visual impairments.  Section 508 compliance was a key factor in the design of the camp website.  We customized the Drupal CMS with theming options that would ensure a blind or visually impaired audience could navigate the website easily.

Drupal comes with a strong theming system ready to meet the government mandated usability guidelines and accessibility standards.

Institutions of faith

Institutions of faith have a congregation to inform and engage beyond the Sunday bulletin. Our work with First Presbyterian Church provided them with a beautiful site that is responsively designed to display perfectly on any device; mobile phone, tablet, iPad, laptop, or desktop computer.


Libraries select Drupal for its powerful taxonomy options at the core of the CMS. Drupal has a large community of users within public, university, and school libraries. Best practices are easily discovered and shared here.

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