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The modern media landscape is in a moment of drastic upheaval as old communications channels transition to digital models.  More and more, television and radio outlets are finding that they must take their content online in order to survive this transition.  Open Source web content management systems are ready to handle every form of modern media, from digital photography to streaming live video and radio feeds.  Having a single platform that can grow with your digital publishing needs is essential in order to keep pace with the current transition.

Commercial Progression has worked with some of the largest names in digital media.  National Geographic has one of the most expansive digital media asset libraries.  Taking their media online, updating advertising models, and adapting to modern digital marketing strategies are vital steps in the digital transition.  We partnered with National Geographic ad sales to develop a Drupal based sales portal that met these challenges with real improvements in their key business performance indices.

Great content deserves a great website.  When Detroit Public Television was ready to launch their award winning documentary mini-series, Beyond the Light Switch, they turned to Commercial Progression and Drupal to build their web presence.

Public media has strong roots in radio.  Extending the reach of radio to online audiences and bringing the vibrant conversations of public radio into an online digital space is an essential transition.  We partnered with WRCJ radio to bring their award winning Well-Tempered Wireless programming online and available to every device with an internet connection via streaming radio.

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