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The role of marketing agencies is all encompassing for the modern digital landscape.  Projects that begin as a simple print collateral piece, quickly inflate with the addition of the digital dimension.  Taking your campaign online means that you need an attractive and intuitive web presence to send traffic to.  Marketers are experts at figuring out the tools of the trade to get the job done.  This digital toolset grows at an ever increasing pace and it can be a scramble to keep up with daily trends.  Working with a trusted vendor to support the technical build out can free up agencies to do what they do best… be creative and tell an effective story for their clients.

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Most digital agencies have already become familiar with the modern open source web development toolset; WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal have the lion's share of CMS installs online.  Chances are, your team has already been working with Drupal or similar open source content management systems.  Launching a simple blog can be accomplished quickly as an in house project.  However, projects that require more sophisticated functionality or integrations with 3rd party marketing automation and sales systems can become a huge technical burden for your team.  Partnering with a team of developers who have the capacity and expertise for deep development projects can make all the difference.

Commercial Progression has worked with some of the largest names in online advertising and digital marketing.  Building a website that seamlessly integrates into your marketing automation systems and your client's sales dashboard can become a very involved technical project.

National Geographic benefited from the technical integration of multiple sales portals into one destination. Since this destination was built on Drupal it was open to being fully customized for their sales team to take full advantage of cross selling opportunities.

spoke8 marketingWhen Michigan Creative is ready to take the University’s messaging online, they turn to us to build out an open source solution.  

campbell marketing and communications

Marketing agencies small and large partner with Commercial Progression to execute the website build as the campaign content is getting prepped for launched.  Spoke8 Marketing and Campbell Marketing have teamed up with us to launch marketing driven websites for small businesses and fortune 500s alike.

There is no need to go-it-alone when it comes to open source Drupal web design.  Partner your marketing team with The Drupal Experts.

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